The Westword.com blog shortcut, February 18 edition

The blogsophere never stops, does it?

Today in Backbeat Online:Ten bands we'd watch on TV. • Reviews of new releases by Bruce Springsteen, Charlie Louvin, John Shannon. • See Slipknot free courtesy of FashioNation. • Rowboat, row me to my shore. • The Fray covers... uh, Kanye West?Leftover Salmon's Bill McKay will not be charged.

Today in Cafe Society:Free bread from Panera Bread. • Enough about the "pork" -- where did Malkin get the pig?A Boulder bite of Cafe Bites. • Our Weekly Bread: Ba Le Sandwich. • Super-secret supper club opens tonight in west Denver.

Today in The Latest Word:More from yesterday's State Capitol Obama Protest: Michelle Malkin with "Swastika Guy."Sunshine Megatron pulls a fast one on, well, everybody. • You want to put a sin tax on chocolate? Burn in hell!Six major layoffs at the Denver Post. • Denver's eight worst intersections. Move along... if you can.

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