Deborah Leebove, cook-off competitor.
Deborah Leebove, cook-off competitor.

The blog shortcut, February 24 edition


Today in Cafe Society:Manischewitz! Denverite competes in national cook-off. • Cafe Bites bites into Mardi Gras. • The List: Eating good in the neighborhood. • AJ's Super Bowl run through LoDo. • Organixx is greener than a Prius -- let's hope the food tastes good.

Today in Backbeat Online:Morrissey top seller at Twist & Shout. • T.I. grabs top spot at Independent Records. • How to record: Tyler Ward's video mash-up.

Today in The Latest Word:Updated: Adam Lerner to replace Cydney Payton as executive director of MCA Denver. • The Denver Post's bulldog is dead. • Bad news: Peter Boyles' radio show now vagina-free. • Jesse Ventura to Michael Phelps: Smoke pot and swim for Australia. • When coyotes attack: A dog's revenge. Howl like you mean it.


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