The Westword.com blog shortcut, January 14 edition

In other words...

Today in Cafe Society:Cafe Brazil builds a bar next door. • Another week, another obsession. • Bistro Vendome's mussel deal is no shell game. • Alto pushing cuisine with new chef. • Save a buffalo: Eat it at Tommyknockers.

Today in Backbeat Online:Mile High Makeout: Behind the green door with Curious Yellow. • The Swayback's new song gets licensed. • (die) Pilot's days may be numbered. • Jim Dalton due at inauguration party in D.C. • The Autumn Film is, ahem, Big in New York. • Producer Frank E has more hits on tap. • Music out of context: the serendipitous mix. • Frontside Five in Thrasher magazine.

Today in The Latest Word:National Hirschfeld's impending closure: the end of an era -- and a sign of the times. • Local man combines exercising and twittering into twittercizing, may incur wrath of millions. • The latest from the Rocky Mountain News grapevine about the paper's future. • Senator Salazar's day of reckoning. • Listening for the buzz in 107.1's vibrator race. Ladies, start your engines.

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