The blog shortcut, January 20 edition

Anyone miss George W. Bush yet?

Today in Backbeat Online:Live review: The Killers and M83 at Magness Arena. • Harpoontang at Lion's Lair. • Jesse Manley is ready for his closeup. • Derek Trucks Band tops Twist & Shout's top-sellers list. • (hed) p.e.'s New World Orphans tops Independent Records' top sellers. • Jay-Z sadly missing from inaugural soundtrack. • Dent offers sneak peek of new album. • Flier of the week: Farewell Bush Bash at the Walnut Room.

Today in Cafe Society:Denver's best burgers go big time. • A delicious deal at Las Delicias. • I'm totally DUG-ing this idea. • Redfish brewery parties its way out of business. • A new home team for Second Home.

Today in The Latest Word:9News says Obama inauguration newspapers are collector's items in more ways than one. • History being made in Washington, D.C. -- and the Super Bowl. • Denver Post editor Greg Moore knocks down rumors about a move to USA Today. • Regarding Dick Cheney's wheelchair. • The bloodletting starts at Clear Channel Denver. Everyone in the media business could use a transfusion.


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