The blog shortcut, July 13 edition

The blog shortcut, July 13 edition

You've got to moove it, moove it.

Today in Cafe Society:Free Food -- the film, that is. • Milking It: Arrowhead Mills Puffed Millet Cereal. • Washington to finally get some balls. • Gemelli's morphs into House, moving from Italian to American comfort foods. • What's Cooking? Marczyk's Asian-style sesame noodle salad. • The blues of brews at Blues & Brews. • The Market Report, July 11.

Today in Backbeat Online:What's in a name? Potential litigation if you're not careful. • The Fray on the Today show this morning. • Picture this: The Mock Show before the rock show. • Over the Weekend: The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band at the Bluebird Theater.

Today in The Latest Word:Josh Penry for governor: Suspicions confirmed. • Accused hepatitus-C passer Kristen Parker: "I f---ed up."The Rockies at the break: Positive developments, warning signs. • Kenny Be's Yard Arteology: The metaphysics of mechanical dogs. • Running toilet terrorizes children; no one flushes. But at least someone closed the lid.


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