The Westword.com blog shortcut, July 2 edition

About ready to get lit?

Today in Backbeat Online:Last night: Jonathan Richman at Lion's Lair. • U2's 360° Tour skips Denver. • Analyzing MJ's influence on hip-hop.

Today in Cafe Society:Get fired up for a hot weekend of food and wine events. • Denver Pizza Company opens July 3. • Ruff. Ruff. Ruff: Best doggone restaurant, bar and cafe patios for Fido. • The last food court on 16th Street. • Candy Girls: Chick-O-Stick. • Lucy at the Landmark takes a leave of absence. • Ondo's to move into French 250. • Where am I eating?Charity vs. rugby team in eating contest. Who ya got?

Today in The Latest Word:Beating Caplis and Silverman in the Ward Churchill debate. • Why Coloradans need to get fatter. • July 4: What you can blow up and where. • Q&A with Moon director Duncan Jones. • Shmucks of the Week: The threesome from hell. In this case, three was definitely a crowd -- especially when the knife came out.

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