Mongo meets meat.
Mongo meets meat.
Photo by Cajun Boy

The blog shortcut, July 7 edition

Everyone form a line.

Today in Cafe Society:Hot Diggity Dog: Denver's Mongo Marquez joined the big leagues at Nathan's on July 4. • Civic Center Eats: Sweet Revenge cookies. • Tonight: Frasca wines paired with small plates from MiniBAR. • Where am I drinking?Breckenridge Brewery: Yes they can. • Last night's "panic hour" at the Lancer Lounge.

Today in Backbeat Online:Fresh Breath Committee's Purpose getting his Idol on. • Elana Rogers teaches us to stop and smell the roses. • 3 Kings owners finalize purchase of the Oriental Theater. • The Fray's Joe King collaborates with American Idol winner Kris Allen. • Stream Jon Snodgrass and Cory Branan's new split. • Michael Jackson tribute planned tonight at Film on the Rocks.

Today in The Latest Word:Michael Jackson memorial: More money out of Phil Anschutz's pocket. • Accused hepatitis-C passer Kristen Parker: A photo gallery. • Play the ACLU vanity-licence-plate game. • Best rant about DIA security lines ever!Denver's resident love doctor is in... the buff. That's the naked truth.


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