The Westword.com blog shortcut, July 9 edition

We don't want none that don't have buns, hon.

Today in Cafe Society:King of hot dogs, Oscar Mayer, passes away. • Tonight: Steak and wine at Elway's Downtown. • This spud's for you at the DPL. • Guess where I'm eating?Oak Tavern takes over Monarck. • It's not easy finding green. • Candy Girls: Bean Boozled.

Today in Backbeat Online:Pepsi Center dumps Ticketmaster. • Analog Space returns to the Meadowlark. • Phamily Reunion Festival aims to cater to Phish fans. • Mommy's Little Monster is dead. • Picture Plane gets Best New Music'd.

Today in The Latest Word:What hepatitis-C patients may be facing thanks to Kristen Parker. • A hip-hop tribute to Joe Sakic. • Q&A with pro-Sarah Palin blogger Adam Brickley. • If DA Carol Chambers is right, everybody else is wrong. • Chris Dunn, Charlie Brennan among those laid off at Channel 31/The Deuce. • Squeaky Tweet gets the grease -- or, for guests at the Interlocken, the upgrade. Ain't technology grand?

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