The Westword.com Blog Shortcut, June 30 Edition

What? There are other Westword blogs aside from this one? Why, yes -- and here is some of the excellent stuff you can find on them.

Backbeat Online overflows with weekend concert reviews, including wide-ranging coverage of the Warped Tour at which 3Oh!3 ruled, plus the SoCo Music Fest featuring Gnarls Barkley, Reverend Dead Eye at the Continental Club and the tandem of Gregory Alan Isakov and Bela Karoli at the Mercury Cafe. The Cat's Pajamas provides an introduction to Chicago's Frau Fiber. Cafe Society contrasts a critique of Pops Chocolate Peanut Butter cereal (delicious!) with an on-site report from a Colfax pub crawl. In Cat's Pajama's, we get a surprise, late-night look at You've Got the Look. And Demver features Kenny Be's latest Delegating Denver entry, this one spotlighting Vermont. Howard Dean isn't the only one who'll find it to be a scream. -- Michael Roberts

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