The men of MSTRKRFT.
The men of MSTRKRFT.
Photo by Geoff McLean

The blog shortcut, March 11 edition

Oh, what a beautiful day.

Today in Backbeat Online: Q&A with Jesse F. Keeler and Alex "Al-P" Puodziukas of MSTRKRFT. • Q&A with Rasmus Stolberg of Efterklang. • Q&A with Dan Whitford of Cut Copy. • Free SXSW Denver Music download. • Flier of the week: Ideal Fathers at the hi-dive. • Young Coyotes new EPs on iTunes, Daytrotter session available next Tuesday.

Today in Cafe Society:From the longest main street to the biggest burrito. • Wine Cellar coming to Highland. • Ristras bringing New Mexico to Westminster. • Our Weekly Bread: Vert Kitchen.

Today in The Latest Word:Jay Cutler and Josh McDaniels have been talking -- and that's not good news. • America's confidence still high, according to Next Top Model casting call. • Update: Coloradoan/Denver Newspaper Agency partnership (and 48 layoffs) confirmedThe women of the Denver Dream will play football in their underwear at Dick's Park. • A Q&A with Dark Horizon, Denver's very own supervillain. And you thought it was Ward Churchill...


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