The Quiznos rats.
The Quiznos rats.

The blog shortcut, March 2 edition

Nice weather we've been having...

Today in Cafe Society:The ten worst fast-food ad campaigns. • Get a free slice at My Pizza Peel. • A Milking It review of Honey Kix.

Today in Backbeat Online:Over the Weekend: Charlie Hunter at the Oriental. • Over the Weekend: Git Some at Hot Topic on the 16th Street Mall. • Go-go down to the Church and audition this Friday. • Van Morrison top seller at Twist & Shout. • Lamb of God grabs top spot at Independent Records.

Today in The Latest Word:The Denver Post goodwill ambassador to Rocky Mountain News fans is... Garfield?The 412 suspects who may have killed the Rocky Mountain NewsThe Jay Cutler-Josh McDaniels Broncos bromance hits the rocks. • Confessions of a closet Paul Harvey fan. • Who wants a job with the City of Denver as a lifeguard, crime analyst, painter, planner or intern? And who would would expect to be paid for it?


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