The Westword.com blog shortcut, March 20 edition

It seems so unfair that I've been stuck inside all day...

Today in Backbeat Online:3OH!3 SXSW tour diary by Kam from Chain Gang of 1974. • Epilogues SXSW tour diary. • Overcasters SXSW tour diary. • How to cope with SXSW withdrawl. • Last Night: Rachael Pollard at GlobGlobGlob. • Hip-hop artists Ancient Mith, Calm. document European tour. • Freaky Friday: "Falconry" and the Ides of March Party . • The Fray to perform at Mile High Music Festival. • Beyond Playlist: Lily Allen and more.

Today in Cafe Society:Think spring, slurp an oyster. • Say so long to Blue Spruce Market. • Candy Girls: Rocky Road Candy Bar. • Tosh's makes a comeback in Marina Square. • Our Weekly Bread: Sausage and peppers at Carbone's. • Three homegrown Mexican chains get new siblings.

Today in The Latest Word:The latest impossible-to-believe theory about the Jay Cutler situation. • Q&A with Party Down star Adam Scott. • Cartoonists eulogize the Rocky Mountain News, other dying newspapers. • Fundraising shortfalls at Colorado Public Radio prompt "Campaign of Confidence."New installation outside Denver Art Museum: "Giant Scaffolding." Lucky thing they've got that big dustpan nearby, so they can sweep up afterward.

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