"Dive! Dive!"
"Dive! Dive!"

The Westword.com blog shortcut, March 31 edition

What's your area code again?

Today in Backbeat Online:3OH!3 cautions: Don't trust a... bro?Something's Phishy here. • Here we are. Now entertain us: Dualistics channel Nirvana. Sheryl Renee pays tribute to Marvin Gaye. • Last Night: The Prids at Larimer Lounge.

Today in Cafe Society:When Irish guys are smiling. • Angel's goes up for auction. • Hawaiian plate lunches at 8 Islands skimpy on the rice, generous on the angry hippie. • Culinary memo to IACP conference-goers: Eat ethnic. • Now you can taste Denmark on Kipling.

Today in The Latest Word:Denver wins cat-olades for its microchipping tuna-flavored sidewalks. • KOSI's Steve Cassidy another victim of Entercom layoffs. • The debut of News on the Deuce: Were they trying to make it so funny?Another Deuce gaffe: TMZ's case of One Tree Hill interruptus. • Is KHOW's Craig Silverman giving tips to CU's attorney in the Ward Churchill trial? Silverman hasn't said yet -- but there's always tomorrow.


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