The Westword.com blog shortcut, May 18 edition

Did they play "Albi the Racist Dragon?"

Today in Backbeat Online:Over the weekend: Flight of the Conchords at Red Rocks. • Moving Pictures: the Sexy Convicts, Lyin' Bitch, the Get Down, Vitamins, the Swayback, Ian Cooke, Young Coyotes. • Over the weekend: Gregory Alan Isakov at the Fox Theatre. • Green Day top seller at Independent Records. • DJ Quote/Yung Berg fued reaches new level.

Today in Cafe Society:Wine dinners tonight at Frasca, Osteria Marco. • Big Papa's getting bigger. • Milking It: Trix. • Let the breakfast burrito wars begin!Breaking news on Tony's. • First impressions of TAG. • The Market Report, May 16. • Ask the Critic: Desert Island Top Five.

Today in The Latest Word:Colorado Avalanche need Patrick Roy again. • Q&A with Dean Singleton, MediaNews Group CEO and Denver Post owner. • Speaker to nine-year-old who planned gay-marriage rally: "Ethan, you are part of a generation that understands equality."Amy Herdy's Pakistan travel diary, volume two. • Denver Blogs: I hate L.A. Could we keep things civil, please?

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