Stella Luce.
Stella Luce.
Photo by Amber Nowell

The blog shortcut, May 22 edition

Going that extra mile.

Today in Backbeat Online:MP3 Freeloader: Tonight, Stella Luce CD release at Avogadro's Number. • Freaky Friday: "Superbroker Shuffle."MP3 Freeloader: More free dubstep from Alert. • Ancient Mith gets live in Paris. • Rumors of Born in the Flood's demise are... well, just that. Sorry, misanthropes.

Today in Cafe Society:A mountain of food fun this weekend. • Argyll goes far afield to tout its patio. • Meat with meaning at Whole Foods. • Primebar picks up where Palomino left off. • Tony's Market update: Opening delayed. • Greeks Gone Wild and Aroma Cafe & Grill join South University Boulevard's restaurant row. • It's the battle of Boulder -- cupcake-style!

Today in The Latest Word:Unlikely hero in Nuggets win last night: Linas Kleiza. • More details on Denver's bike-sharing program. • Colorado's real-life SkyNet: It'll be back!So You Think You Can Dance spotlights Denver male-on-male hoofers. • Drive safely this weekend -- or else an army of cops will bust your ass. Don't forget to buckle up, too.


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