They're not quite Dead...
They're not quite Dead...
Photo by Adam Perry

The blog shortcut, May 8, 2009

Big as life.

Today in Backbeat Online:Last night: The Dead at the Pepsi Center. • The 38th annual CHUN Capitol Hill People's Fair line-up announced. • 3OH!3 breaks top ten on Billboard Hot 100. • Freaky Friday: "Obama Flashback" -- Autotune the News. • MP3 Freeloader: Tonight, the Calf Branders CD release party at the Skylark. • CacheFlowe does Kraftwerk tonight at CD release. • MP3 Freeloader: Tonight, the Mighty 18 Wheeler CD release party at Bender's.

Today in Cafe Society:Chocolate and beer -- what more could you need?Bistro One to discontinue lunch... for now. • Candy Girls: Happy candyversary!Room for one more Mo's. • Pizza Republica opens today.

Today in The Latest Word:Carol Chambers, the death penalty and the 7-Eleven slaying. • Internet leaps to support student banned from prom for whiff of weed. • The Statue of Liberty and Ken Salazar's crowning achievement. • Getting his car back gives airman Brian Furman something to sing about. • Make room for Charles Barkley on the Nuggets bandwagon. Luckily, it's built for a family of millions.


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