David Guetta at Beta.

The Westword.com blog shortcut, November 21 edition

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Today in Backbeat Online:A live review of David Guetta at Beta. • The Fray's new single makes its debut. • Checking out the Sisters of Mercy at the Ogden Theatre. • This weekend: A Sharon Rawles tribute at Herman's Hideaway. • Beyond Playlist: Reviews of new albums by Guns N' Roses, Kanye West and T-Pain. • Love .45 holds auditions for a new guitarist. • Rearview: The week in review. • Your Friday distraction is here. And just in time.

Today in Cafe Society:Discovery of the day: Partida Organic Agave Nectar. • Who will be the Beerdrinker of the Year?Paying and playing it forward at Starbucks. • The Candy Girls try Godiva European Dessert Truffles.

Today in The Latest Word:The Hirst part of Denver ArtsWeek at the Museum of Contemporary Art. • See the video of former Denver Archbishop J. Francis Stafford calling the election of Barack Obama "apocalyptic."The DIA conspiracy is promoted to one of history's greatest!Ten treasures: A short guide to the underpinnings of Denver ArtsWeek. • Denver's 150th birthday party gift bag. Celebrate good times. Come on! -- Michael Roberts


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