David Eugene Edwards of Wovenhand.

The Westword.com blog shortcut, October 27 edition

Blogs are everywhere -- and you can get to them here.

Today in Backbeat Online:A live review of Wovenhand at the Mercury Cafe. • Remembering Rudy Ray Moore, the epically profane star of Dolemite: a Westword profile.

Today in Cafe Society:Is Cantina Margarita on the rocks?A Milking It review of Frankberry, a monster cereal back just in time for Halloween.

Today in The Latest Word: • Our Over the Weekend roundup, which runs the gamut from Ben Harper to Wish nightclub's Victorian Fetish Ball. • A fee-nominal flight on Frontier. • A lawsuit filed against the Denver Police Department in the shooting death of Jason Gomez. • The scent of money at the Colorado Lottery. • Focus on the Family's nightmare scenario about an Obama victory. The future's so bleak you can't possibly wear shades. -- Michael Roberts


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