The Westword.com blog shortcut, September 25 edition

Spill some ink.

Today in Backbeat Online:Now, that's dedication. It's also, um, forever. • Are you the best band in Denver?Freaky Friday: "Common People" -- Shatner's cover slash-up version. • Friday Freeloader: Vendetta Festival MP3s. • Freeloader Friday: Win tickets to see Carbon Leaf and Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers tonight at the Ogden.

Today in Cafe Society:Budget-friendly bar bites at anything but budget-minded Morton's. • Great American Beer Festival Q&A: Bell's Brewery. • Denver's Ten Best Steakhouses. • Five things I learned about beer brewers. • Ten weight-loss ads that make us want to hurl (and watch the pounds melt away!)

Today in The Latest Word:Say goodbye (and good riddance) to Najibbullah Zazi. • Report: Hep-C passer Kristen Parker to plead guilty. • 3,497 dead dogs and other numbers from Denver's pit bull ban. • CU fights anonymous bashing with press-pass policy. • Shmuck of the Week: The very sleepy Jesse Dennis Dimmick. Nighty-night.

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