It's the frozen slider of royalty.
It's the frozen slider of royalty.

The blog shortcut, September 3 edition

Betcha Harold and Kumar are gonna be pissed.

Today in Cafe Society:The ten worst burger ideas ever. • Jason Sheehan keeps the home fires burning in Best Food Writing. • Part two: Chef and Tell with Tyler Wiard of Elway's. • El Toro a must-stop on Colorado Boulevard. • Tonight: a sea of Italian wines at Black Pearl.

Today in Backbeat Online:The Photo Atlas, the Knew and Jim McTurnan to play at CMJ. • Moi Yo Yoi Boiz getting a bit "Popular" with the kids. • Vaux's "gone out of business" CD single sale. • Download Heart & Soul Radio's three-song debut EP for free. • Last night: Cracker at the Bluebird.

Today in The Latest Word:Sick response to Obama's speech to kids. • Turn off the heat? Was Bill Ritter drunk?At the corner of Colorado Boulevard and Memory Lane. • Local "Beauty Guru" Ty Tomlinson arrested for allegedly beating and raping a former employee. • Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario: The Yum Yum Tree Museatum Atrium. It's good enough to eat.


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