Tim Tebow didn't propose for Yankees' Nick Swisher, no matter what Wikipedia says

It seems that Tim Tebow is everywhere these days. But one place he wasn't, apparently, was on one knee in front of New York Yankees outfielder Nick Swisher's girlfriend, proposing on his behalf. The claim popped up on Swisher's Wikipedia page -- and his reaction when he heard about it is absolutely priceless. sports columnist Pete Kerasotis found the reference. The sentence in question has since been deleted, but it read as follows:

"Football player Tim Tebow assisted Swisher with requesting (JoAnna) Garcia's hand in marriage, by speaking to her parents and being present during the proposal."

Swisher's response when Kerasotis asked him about it? "What!? I'm a man! I don't need to do that! Where'd you hear that?"

When Kerasotis revealed the source, Swisher was even more exasperated, saying, "Dude, you're in the media. You know better than to believe Wikipedia."

As for the substance of the claim, Swisher declared, "That's total BS! "(Bleep) no! I don't need some other dude to ask my girl to marry me. I'm a Major League Baseball player. I'm a man. I asked her on the balcony at my place in New York City. Tim Tebow wasn't there."

True, Tebow and Swisher did get together at least once, at Swisher's request. He arranged a meeting through the University of Florida to impress his beloved and her family, who are big Gator fans. But he swears he didn't ask the New Messiah to propose on his behalf -- although it sounds like Yankees teammate Marcus Thames might need some convincing. When Swisher told him about the Internet rumor, Thames said that made sense, "because you ain't got no game. You need a college kid to help you."

Tebow's not a college kid anymore, Marcus. He's a pro!

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