Tim Tebow-Focus on the Family Super Bowl ad gets a "yes" from CBS, Mancrunch gay dating service spot gets a "no"

In recent days, we've reported about

a Focus on the Family ad starring Tim Tebow and his mom

that's set to air during the Super Bowl, noting

the controversy over its presumed anti-abortion message

and FOTF spokesman Gary Schneeberger's assertion that

the commercial isn't anti-anything


But whereas CBS gave its blessing to Focus's spot, it turned thumbs-down to a commercial intended to promote Mancrunch.com, a gay dating service. ManCrunch spokeswoman Elissa Buchter insists that Mancrunch didn't create an ad the firm knew CBS would reject just to get some publicity -- a dubious assertion. Still, we wish CBS had said gone along, because it's pretty damn funny. See for yourself above.


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