Tim Tebow's contract hold-out: What's a few hundred thousand dollars between friends?

Tim Tebow may have signed with Jockey (with his photo in a white T reportedly causing "multiple, small orgasms"), but he still hasn't inked with the Broncos, even though rookies were supposed to report yesterday.

As a result, Broncos lovers continue to debate the right amount to pay new-messiah Tebow, even though money shouldn't be an issue for him these days.

In addition to the big bucks he'll receive from Jockey, Tebow -- who earlier said he'd lost endorsements due to his participation in a pro-life Focus on the Family Super Bowl ad -- is collecting hefty checks for deals with Nike and EA Sports.

He won't be homeless anytime soon.

The Denver Post earlier reported that a five-year, $12 million pact, with about $8 million of that total guaranteed, was near completion -- and today, the paper maintains that the Broncos and Tebow's agent, Jimmy Sexton, are haggling over "a couple of hundred thousand dollars here and there."

If that's true, the Broncos are being incredibly stupid, since such a small amount, in relative terms, will probably be made up from jersey sales in about a week. More likely, the team is having trouble reconciling the Tebow contract with that of Demaryius Thomas. The wide receiver was actually picked a few slots higher than Tebow, and will no doubt expect his salary to reflect it -- something that would hit the Broncos harder in the pocketbook than they probably contemplated on draft night.

But if Thomas's deal winds up sweeter than it would have been under ordinary circumstances, that's the way it goes. The Broncos need Tebow in camp and under center by the official start of training camp on Sunday, period -- and he damn well better be.

And if he's not? Broncos brass will need some new Jockeys -- because the anger of Tebow Nation will scare the shit out of them.

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