Timothy Baca wounds two cops while being busted for allegedly killing his mom (47)

From the beginning, Timothy Baca, 41, was the prime suspect in the apparent murder of his mother, 65-year-old Bernice Medina.

And police only had to use the most basic detective skills in order to track him down.

Yet taking him into custody wasn't easy, since he had a knife in his possession, and used it on two of the officers tasked with fitting him with cuffs.

See photos, video and details below.

The first alert from the Lakewood Police Department came on March 28 and pertained to what was referred to as a "suspicious death" that took place overnight on the 1300 block of Everett Court -- specifically a unit in the McKenzie Apartments.

Here's an interactive graphic of the area near the crime scene. If you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

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Medina's cause of death wasn't detailed in the release, and it has yet to be made public at this writing. However, Baca was deemed a person of interest in the case.

As the alert circulated, the police continued their investigation -- and that evening, they stopped by the home of Baca's father, who lived on the 1300 block of King Street.

There, they discovered a surprise. Baca was there, too.

He didn't go quietly. According to 7News, two officers suffered injuries to their hands as they rounded up Baca, who is said to have been armed with a knife.

The injuries were relatively minor, and the officers are expected to make a complete recovery.

In a subsequent interview, Baca's dad told the station his son had been crying when he arrived at his place -- and although he didn't say specifically what caused this flood of emotion, he admitted to doing something "bad." He added that Baca had a temper and had previously displayed violence toward family members, including his mom.

Baca is currently being held on suspicion of first-degree murder.

Here's a larger look at Baca's booking photo, followed by the 7News report.

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