Today's bonus featured event: Geeks Who Drink and Buckfifty.org trivialize Denver -- but it's a good thing

Since we all know that great minds think alike, it's got to be an auspicious day when two of the town's greatest trivial pastimes team up. To be exact, Best of Denver winners Geeks Who Drink and Buckfifty.org will collaborate tonight on Denver's first (and possibly last) Locals Only Pub Quiz, wherein regularly meeting Geeks six-man teams (and anyone else intrepid enough to take a chance) will clash over two rounds of Denver-centric questions and visual challenges as part of the usual weekly eight-round game at Fadó Irish Pub, 1735 19th Street.

Buckfifty, if you didn't know, is a local website dedicated to the art, culture and history of Denver that was initiated in conjunction with the city's 150th birthday; its goal is to publish 150 community posts featuring historical notes and more. Once it reaches the 150 mark, buckfifty will be done, but so far, says buckfifty co-founder Jill Hadley Hooper, the site is still short about ninety posts. Not that it's a problem, she adds: Indeed, the existing material brings back memories of such long-gone haunts as the City Spirit Café, Chuck's Do-Nuts, Celebrity Sports Center and the Mercury Café's ´80s incarnation at 13th Avenue and Pearl Street, among other tidbits of straight history and reminiscences. But it wouldn't hurt to get a little publicity: "It's a way for us to help create some community outside of the website," Hadley Hooper explains.

Denver-centric geeking begins at 8 p.m. and admission is free; if you want to participate, bring a six-person team and get there early. And how to prepare? "You don't have to be Tom Noel to be able to play, but it'll help," Hadley Hooper warns. For details surf to Buckfifty or check out the Geeks Who Drink site.

For more ways to rock the night and kill the day, go to westword.com/calendar.

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