Today's featured event: An easy way to eat, drink and be charitable

I went to Ellis Elementary when I was a kid, and back in those days, it was just a typical, ticky-tacky neighborhood school. All the students lived within walking distance and we learned our ABCs, no problem -- but there was little diversity. All these years later, Ellis puts on a different face, beginning with the student body which, reflective of the changing district, includes children from as many as thirty countries around the world. What a difference a century (wink, wink) makes. And like every other public school, Ellis counts on fundraising to help make itself a better place to learn.

To that end, this benefit is so easy, you won't even feel a pinch. Eat at Mici's Handcrafted Italian Restaurant, 3030 East Second Avenue, which serves pasta, pizza, panini and other family-friendly fare, tonight between 5 and 7 p.m., and thirty percent of your ticket will go to improve technology education and after-school sports programs at Ellis. You heard right: Eat, drink and be charitable. That's all there is to it -- and you go home with a full belly, to boot. And, if you don't want to eat out, the same applies to all delivery or take-out meals ordered during the same hours. Visit the restaurant website or call 303-322-6424, and be sure to mention Ellis School when you order.

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