Today's featured event: Filmmaker Amy Serrano at Regis University

Amy Serrano's documentary Sugar Babies: The Plight of the Children of Agricultural Workers on the Sugar Industry of the Dominican Republic, with its knowing narration by the Haitian writer Edwidge Danticat, isn't Serrano's first film and it isn't likely to be her last. She's left behind a long trail of documentary work dealing with human rights issues (with a particular eye for women and children) on one hand and Latin American cultural voices on the other. But Sugar Babies, a controversial and biting look that opens its eye on what amounts to a modern-day slave trade between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, mines a particularly enduring topic (here's what Serrano had to say about it when Westword's Michael Roberts caught up with her a year ago).

Serrano is back in town to present a screening of the film today and give a talk on Women, Arts and Activism tomorrow, both in conjunction with a Women's History Month series hosted by Regis University, at 50th Avenue and Lowell Boulevard. See Sugar Babies at 7:30 p.m. at the Felix Pomponio Family Science Center, Room 212; Serrano's lecture also takes place at 7:30 p.m., in the St. John Francis Regis Chapel. Both events are free; go to the Regis University online calendar for details.

For more ways to rock the night and kill the day, go to westword.com/calendar.

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