Today's featured event: Hurt the one you love -- it's a What Not to Wear casting call!

This is one of those tricky situations. You know someone who is a total fashion disaster -- we all do -- and you don't want to let her know you know. And yet, this is your big chance to do something nice for her while paradoxically outing her poor fashion sense to the world. Contradictory? Surely, you've figured out this quandary already: There's a What Not to Wear casting call out for metro Denverites, and specifically for Bandimere Speedway enthusiasts. We'll just leave the meaning of that up to your imagination, fashionistas.

Anyway, if you think you fit that bill, don't start waving your three-inch, Zircon-encrusted nails at WNTW and all that. No, entrants must be nominees, not applicants, and secret ones at that. That's right, you have to do it behind your dear NASCAR-obsessed best friend's back. Go to the Bandimere website and download a nomination form. It'll ask you a whole bunch of embarrassing questions, like what are some of her worst fashion blunders, or how would you describe her hair? Be honest: If she's picked, she'll get a trip to New York, a $5,000 shopping stipend and one of those fabulous fashion interventions the show is famous for -- and how could your girl stay mad at you for that? E-mail the finished questionnaire, preferably with pictures, to WhatNottoWear7@gmail.com. Oh yeah, and today is the last day to stick your neck out, so you'd better work fast. Call it charity.

For more ways to rock the night and kill the day, go to westword.com/calendar.

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