Today's featured event: Local art gladiators go canvas to canvas at RedLine Gallery

It won't be masked lucha libre dudes or extreme fighters duking it out before the public tonight at RedLine Gallery. Nope, instead imagine four local artists brushing away, live and simultaneously, for three solid hours, with a cool, funky barrage of Miles Davis tunes swirling in their heads for inspiration and all their skills on the line, as each tries to outdo the others. That's the challenge at tonight's Sparticause Live Art Battle, a collaboration between Art in the City, Faces of Entertainment and Thinking Blue to benefit the Kempe Foundation.

But you, fair battle-goers, will need more than live art to keep you busy while the sparring quartet -- John Bukaty, Michael Gadlin, Greg McBride and Scramble Campbell -- are going at it. And besides, what kind of party ends on time? During and after the painting competition, guests will snack on elegant eats and be entertained by hip-hopper K'naan and dance by the Cleo Parker Robinson Ensemble, all against a backdrop hung with rare artwork painted by Miles Davis himself.

Does this sound like fun to you? Hell, yeah! The evening begins at 6:30 p.m. and continues until 1 a.m. at RedLine, 2350 Arapahoe Street; admission ranges from $75 to $150. For reservations and information visit www.thinkingblue.org or call 303-864-5200.

For more ways to rock the night and kill the day, go to westword.com/calendar.

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