Today's featured event: Man the bleachers this week for an ArgusFest doubleheader

ArgusFest and SAME Café: a match made in heaven. The first-ever opportune clash of these two local-activist titans, combining Jason Bosch's ongoing documentary film festival focusing on human rights, social and environmental issues with the sliding-scale, pay-what-you-can restaurant on Colfax Avenue, takes place tonight during a Micro Film Fest on Sustainability, 7 p.m. at SAME, 2023 E. Colfax Avenue. The tireless Bosch will screen an appropriate program of short films on such issues as local/organic farming, recycling, bicycling and more; lively discussion, also appropriate, follows. Admission is a $5 donation at the door.

But that's not all. Bosch returns on Thursday to his regular weekly 7 p.m. ArgusFest screening at the Mercury Café with a noteworthy offering: Waltz with Bashir, a fascinating animated anti-war treatise by filmmaker Ari Folman, who tells a nightmarish story inspired by his experiences as an Israeli soldier during the 1982 invasion of Lebanon. Admission to Waltz is also a $5 donation (and/or one volunteer hour); get more info at the ArgusFest website.

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