Today's featured event: There's a hitch in the works at the Denver Art Museum tonight

I love a spring wedding, don't you? I especially like spring weddings that feel off-the-cuff, where 300 friends the couple didn't even know they had decide to share in the joy, and everyone's happy. If that sounds like your idea of fun, come be the fly on the wall at the Denver Art Museum, 100 W. 14th Avenue Parkway, tonight, where one pair of local lovebirds will hitch up as the main event of the museum's monthly Untitled multimedia happenings. That's right, Untitled # 21: I (heart) is built up around an actual public wedding between a couple who wooed one another during a series of Untitled dates, eventually became engaged at one and now have chosen to trade vows at one. Get out your hankies!

Participants are invited to immerse themselves in the language of love tonight from 6 to 10 p.m., with an extravaganza of lovely fun following the wedding, including flamenco dance by Paola Osma, the writing of love notes, a museum tour with an eye for the sensual and more. Add to that some of the usual stuff: live music (Recess), DJ spins (DJ Greenie and John and Tammy of Dressy Bessy) and Buntport Theater antics. Untitled is included in the regular DAM admission fee of $3 to $13; visit the Untitled website for details.

For more ways to rock the night and kill the day, go to westword.com/calendar.

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