Today's Night & Day featured event: Find Product at Andenken Gallery

Adam Sikorski silk-screens every one of his hip graphic tees by hand, so whenever you buy one, whether it be adorned with sequenced birds in flight or toothbrush-toting bunnies or floating ghosts, you're guaranteed an original, with an image that won't be seen all over town, unless it's on you. And Adam has a lot of artist friends who are likewise not all that well-known but whose works include a variety of media: paintings, drawings, prints, clothing, ceramics, photography and pretty much anything else I haven't already mentioned.

Is there safety in numbers? Apparently so: Adam and his talented pals have gathered together under the moniker of the Finer Society, and they will be offering their eclectic wares for sale during Product, a one-night art sale and party, tonight at Andenken Gallery, 2990 Larimer Street. "As a buy-it-off-the-wall show, there's no waiting to buy your piece. It goes with you on the spot," Sikorski notes. And, he adds, without a middle-man, the prices are the best you'll find anywhere on any of this stuff: "There's no need to go to nine different galleries when you can go to one."

Look and buy from 6 to 10 p.m. -- and Andenken is also celebrating its first anniversary in the current RiNo gallery space with a show of its own. For more about Product visit Sikorski's website. -- Susan Froyd

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