Today's Night & Day featured event: Folk art flourishes at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center

I don't suppose you'd be gassing up and heading your car south on I-25 to Pueblo tonight, but if you are up for that 90-minute haul (you never know!), it'll be worth your while, especially if you're a freak for folk art, like me: Tonight from 5 to 7 p.m., the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center will host a gallery-wide reception for Show and Tell: Art and Community, a compilation of shows that explore the human stories art can convey and how the realm of folk art is expanding with the times.

The seven exhibits housed throughout the venue's three floors of viewing space cover a lot of ground, from Transformers: Folk Art Revealed, a show that juxtaposes work by modern revivalists with the traditional arts that inspire them, to W10: Conceptual Wedding Dresses, a body of work created by a Latin American collective of women artists. In between, you'll find everything from carved and painted Santos by regional artists and modern diptychs by painter Justin Reddick and poet John Nicholas to tapestries by German weaver Klaus Anselm and outsider paintings by Max Carlos Martinez, which just about says it all, regarding this particular cultural niche.

But not to worry. If a weekend jaunt better suits you, all seven shows remain on view at least through the end of April at the center, 210 N. Santa Fe Avenue, Pueblo; log on to the website  or call 1-719-295-7200.

For more ways to rock the night and kill the day, go to westword.com/calendar.

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