More Twitter Reasons to Hate Tom Brady Fans

A screen capture from the latest edition of the TB Times — a fictional publication from a Tom Brady Facebook fan page.
A screen capture from the latest edition of the TB Times — a fictional publication from a Tom Brady Facebook fan page. @TomBrady
What's worse than your Denver Broncos getting blown out again following a humiliating shellacking by the Philadelphia Eagles last week? Losing to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, whose fans took to Twitter in the aftermath of a 41-16 annihilation at Mile High Stadium on November 12 to gloat in ways that make the defeat hurt all the more.

Brady didn't top the Broncos by himself. He got a big assist from another mediocre performance by Denver quarterback/returning traitor Brock Osweiler and the Broncos special teams, whose specialty appears to be helping the opponents — this time by allowing a 103-yard kickoff return and a blocked punt, among other catastrophes.

Still, there's no denying that Brady took advantage of these gifts. His stats: 25 completions out of 34 attempts for 266 yards and three touchdowns, with no interceptions.

Afterward, Brady boosters were just as obnoxious as you'd fear/expect, gleefully rubbing salt into the Broncos wounds and repeatedly sharing a post from the TB Times, a fictional publication promoted by a Tom Brady Facebook fan page. The illustration in question depicts Brady as a centaur touting his respect for his "brother of a similar breed."

See this item and plenty of others that will fire up Denver loyalists in the Twitter countdown below.

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