Tom Martino? Ken Salazar? Who is Colorado's biggest turkey?

Who's the biggest turkey of the year? With the election season barely over, it's easy to focus on all the pundits who insisted Colorado's swing-state vote would decide the election -- when Barack Obama had already won his second term before our polling places closed. But there are many, many more gobblers out there, and right now, Peter Boyles is hosting his annual Imaginary Thanksgiving Day Parade on 630 KHOW, with plenty of turkeys along that route.

In fact, one of Boyles's colleagues, Tom Martino, who has questions about Michael Roberts's balls, is definitely a candidate for Colorado's top turkey. But so is Ken Salazar, who threatened to punch another reporter.

Mother Nature was a bitch to Colorado this year, but humans made plenty of their own mistakes, too. We're rounding up a flock of the biggest gobblers of 2012, and will serve them up tomorrow, in advance of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Who do you think rates being named Colorado's Turkey of the Year? Flip them the bird! Post your nominations (local names encouraged) in the comments section below.

Is Tom Martino a turkey? Decide for yourself after reading " Tom Martino rips Westword and ex-pal suing him, questions reporter's balls."

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