Tom Martino misidentifies writer in Westword "exposé"

Tom Martino: He's always good for a laugh.

Apparently concerned about a recent Jared Jacang Maher article about connections between him and a multi-level marketing company he'd promoted on Martino TV and his KHOW radio show, the self-proclaimed Troubleshooter had an associate call in a phony tip in order to lure Maher to a meeting last week at an area McDonald's. There, Martino and a cameraman attempted to ambush Maher, who simply drove away from the madness. Foiled in this effort to put Maher on the spot, Martino and pal zipped to Westword's office and got some footage of managing editor Jonathan Shikes, who also declined to step into the circus' center ring.

The result of this wacky series of events is the video above, put together by Martino and posted on Channel 31's blog -- and what makes his sputterings about only wanting to get the truth and the facts extra-hilarious is the true fact that the photo he identifies as Maher is actually of former Westword writer Adam Cayton-Holland. Turns out a web page for a Media Bistro event from August 2005 mislabeled a shot of Cayton-Holland, who'd jokingly put on Maher's nametag upon his arrival -- and apparently, neither Martino nor his staff had bothered to double-check. The error becomes even more inexplicable given that Cayton-Holland is a well-known local standup comic; Maher recently posted a video linked to his two-week-old nunchaku cover story in which he repeatedly appears on camera; and Martino's minions, and possibly Martino himself, actually saw Maher at the McDonald's -- and Maher and Cayton-Holland look absolutely nothing alike.

Wow: Martino's vaunted investigative skills are absolutely amazing!

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