Calhoun: Wake-Up Call

Tom Tancredo has a new running mate -- Pat Miller, not Michelle Malkin

Just in the nick of time, Colorado gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo has a new running mate on the American Constitution Party ticket. And no, it's not Michelle Malkin. Former state representative and author Pat Miller will be Tancredo's lieutenant governor candidate.

The announcement will be made after 8 a.m. today on Peter Boyle's radio show on KHOW, 630 AM; Tancredo supporter Bay Buchanan will also be in the studio.

The Colorado Secretary of State's office does not have to certify the November ballot until Friday, September 3 -- which sets a deadline ten days from now for any final changes to the printed ballot (say, Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes removing his name from consideration). But under rules that only affect minor parties -- and the American Constitution Party definitely qualifies -- today is the last day for a change in minor party candidate line-ups for the ballot.

Which meant that if Tancredo wanted to replace Doug "Dayhorse" Campbell, the running mate he inherited when he took over for Benjamin Goss on the top line of the American Constitution Party ticket, he had to do it now. Miller is best known for her pro-life stance, including pushing for parental notification. She also writes books, the latest of which is called Dream a Little Dream. Here's the synopsis:

Olivia Weber has big dreams. Her dreams include a highly successful job in the city with all the expensive clothes and entertainment that go along with success. The Roaring Twenties passed her by with little more than a whimper. She sets out to make her dreams come true, but those dreams plunge along with the stock market. The Depression of the 1930s sets Olivia back. She finds that the city life can no longer be a part of her goals and she must return to the life she so desperately wanted to leave behind. Should she give up a lifetime of dreams? How can Olivia find contentment when all her dreams are gone?

And, more to the point, is Tom Tancredo the answer?

For the record, that November ballot now includes three referred referenda and four initiatives. Two more ballot measures are still being considered by the Secretary of State's office; the deadline for a decision on those is September 3.

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