Tom Tancredo is a big bully, says Dan Maes

While Governor John Hickenlooper was wrapping up his first legislative session and Tom Tancredo was riding the right-wing blogosphere last week, the also-ran in that race, Dan Maes, was demonstrating that if you only get 11 percent of the vote, it doesn't matter if you topple a thicket of political trees in the forest: No one's listening.

Here's the May Maes missive, which was posted on Facebook.

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There are many classic movie bullies. One of my favorites is the kid from The Christmas Story. You remember him don't you? The tall one with the coonskin cap, braces on his teeth, and a bad chip on his shoulders. Ralphie got his vengeance one day when he finally lost his cool and pummeled the poor kid with years of rage that had built up. A classic!

Next to the common bully or gang of thugs is the more annoying one. Come on, you know the one. The short one with the big mouth. He wants to be the bully but only talks smack when his gang is around to protect him. If he spoke without the gang he would likely get his butt kicked.

These guys are not usually welcome at the spring formal or invited to the social event of the year. Why? Because they are who they are, they ticked off the wrong people, or they simply went over the line one too many times and no one wants them around. If they show up, you know there is going to be trouble and it's better for everyone if they just stay away.

Well, the bully of the 2010 election has decided he wants to hang out with the popular kids and he just is not feeling the love (tissue please). That's right, Tom Tancredo has friends trying to grease the skids for him at Lincoln Day Dinners. "Uh hem, Mrs. Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth would like to join you for dinner. He asked me to speak for him because he felt a little uncomfortable asking for himself." History buffs, just go with it.

Scripture says we are to forgive not just 7 times but 77 times. During a great sermon on unforgiveness a month ago I broke down when I was convicted for the same. I had let my anger get between me and God and that was a bad place to be. I chose to forgive; but forgetting is another thing. It is extremely interesting to me that it is the offenders who preach the message of "let's put the past behind us." I had done so but just this week some of you asked me to revisit some of the details in an effort to shine the light on the truth so many who were mislead will hopefully not make the same mistake again.

Premeditated Assault on the Republican Party

Remember the memory erasure in Men In Black? The feds waved a cool device with a bright light in front of a citizens eyes to erase their most recent memory of an alien encounter. Folks, we are not talking about the Both Ways Bob thing of 2006, nor the poor judgement of running vicious attack ads during a primary. We are talking about the premeditated, intentional, attack of BOTH the Republican Party AND its rightfully elected candidate. Folks, do not look into the light!

Let's revisit the highlights:

Summer of 2009 I am told to meet with TT and his henchman Steve Durham (see loud mouth and bully above) by one of their old friends who thought I could get them on board. TT chooses not to attend but Durham does. The conflicting environment of the beauty of the Garden of the Gods Club and the ugly conversation that took place was prophetic of the highs and lows of campaigning. Durham proceeded to tell me how I could not get from here to there and win. The conversation was like a verbal whooping and intended to convince me I was irrelevant. Then his bravado reached out toward McInnis when he stated that he would see to it that McInnis did not make it past September if he had anything to do with it. You see, this machinery was being prepped for manufacturing their candidate, Josh Penry. Need we talk about the track record of 30 something Josh's in Denver?

November 2009. TT starts rattling his sabre about entering the race for Governor as an R. He has his shot, he chokes.

Fast forward to spring of 2010 when some no name got 40% of the caucus straw poll for Governor. Soon appeared the websitewww.danmaescan'twin.com. That's right (currently down for maintenance)! Stay with me here folks, it gets better. The spokesman on the website was Big Ben Goss, the leader of the American Constitution Party. That's right, the guy who stepped aside so TT could run on the ACP ticket. The video droned on about the exact same thing TT had droned on to me about in private as to why I could not win, money and the lack of it as well as lack of power broker support.

Then comes a few weeks before the assembly and the rumor is that TT will try to flank both me and Scott with some floor maneuver to get on the ballot. He will swoop in and save us all. He chokes again. As I said above, talk is cheap when there is no one to back it up.

Need we even revisit the ugly events of TT and Wadhams on the Boyles show? Yes, I think so. I never thought Dick was behind TT early on. I think he got on board later. The show revealed TT's disgust with the Republican party that was backfiring at him and Dick was the face of the machine.

Finally we have the High Noon Show Down and the general election. TT was literally demonstrating his arrogance and possibly his psychopath side. Did anyone really think we would listen? Did anyone really think either one would step aside? The man who had no loyalty to the party and said multiple times, "the party is just a vehicle to accomplish my goals" was threatening the party's candidates. His actions would lead to the loss of the election for R's, the loss of bonus members, and potentially lead to the party becoming a minority party. If you do not know what that means then you have no clue what damage he could have caused all current and future R candidates!


Can You Explain the Hysteria?

I still speak with a mentor who supported me publicly, pulled his support publicly, and then encouraged me not to drop out. Yea, you read that right. He jokingly challenged me over breakfast to hire a specialist in mass human behavior to explain the quick and massive movement of support to TT when he got in once and for all. Even he was shocked at the speed and size of it. Many made the move for many reasons but I think most of it was the fear of backing the loser. That is one of the most weak and politically motivated reasons I have ever seen or heard of and, in this case, reflected a temporary irrationality and lack of reason given even the most novice of voters knew TT could not win a statewide race.


I understand the mass mentality for the average voters but some made calculated decisions to also betray the party and they must be held accountable.

Bob Beauprez -- you broke my heart. You mentored me and you called me from Chicago right after the assembly to congratulate me personally. Your radio commercial was a betrayal to me and conservative voters.

Freda Poundstone -- you called me 4-5 times a day, even at 7:00 AM on the weekend to snoop around while acting like you supported me. Shame on you. You gave 300.00 to another candidate and told him not to cash it until after his election. The games you played.

Josh Penry -- you were a hired gun that could not hit a target. Your political capital is gone except in parts of GJ and with some of your cronies.

Greg Brophy -- you sell out to whomever Penry tells you to.

Ted Harvey -- be thankful for your strong R base in Douglas County. Their loyalty to you is admirable and your loss for chair has been your chastisement.

There are others my Patriot friends but I fear the list is too long and they will be forgiven by their obscurity into the future.

I promised an article on Patriot Groups in this addition but that will have to wait another week. I will explore what groups walk their talk and which ones sold out their principles for personal gain.

Until next time,

Dan Maes

Don't hold your breath.

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