Top 10 ways Josh McDaniels has destroyed the Denver Broncos

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10. The Jay Cutler mess. Anyone who saw him toss pick after pick after pick in the Chicago Bears' loss to the Mike Shanahan-coached Washington Redskins yesterday can attest, Cutler is looking more like Jeff George than John Elway these days. But even if Sweet Baby Jay wasn't the long-term solution at QB many Broncos fans thought he would be, the manner in which he exited from Denver got the McDaniels era off to an unnecessarily bad start -- and the way Coach McD handled the situation regularly made things worse. He often seemed as immature as Cutler did, exhibiting all the gravitas of Justin Bieber with a buzz cut. 9. The Brandon Marshall mess. Given all of Brandon Marshall's off-the-field problems, McDaniels can't be blamed for balking at giving the receiver a rich contract extension. But instead of dealing with the controversy quickly and cleanly, McDaniels allowed it to drag on and on and on, extending the agony and amplifying the distraction even longer than he did in Cutler's case. You'd think McDaniels would have learned from the JC catastrophe and made the cut clean and quick. You'd think wrong.

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