Top 20 Tweets Hating and Loving Denver's Snowstorm

Do you hate today's Denver snowstorm? Or love it?

Twitter Nation seems pretty evenly divided.

For everyone complaining about bad roads and related inconveniences, there's somebody celebrating a snow day (most schools in the metro area are closed) or the beauty of the scene.

To capture the contradiction, we've juxtaposed two top-ten lists — one featuring those pissed at the weather, the other glorying in it — with the band OneRepublic weighing in on behalf of the latter group.

Count both of them down below.

Hate Number 10:
Love Number 10:
  Hate Number 9:
Love Number 9:

Hate Number 8:

Love Number 8:

Hate Number 7:

Love Number 7:

Hate Number 6:

Love Number 6:

Hate Number 5:
Love Number 5:

Hate Number 4:

Love Number 4:

Hate Number 3:

Love Number 3:

Hate Number 2:

Love Number 2:

Hate Number 1:

Love Number 1:

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