Top 25 mug shots of October 2011

The latest edition of our monthly mug shot roundups is a little late, but it makes up for tardiness with vivid images of folks accused or convicted of doing bad (and often weird) things: an alleged money-bilking psychic, the Wax Trax crasher and more.

Check out the entire collection below -- and click on the headlines beneath each pic to get the rest of the story.

Bruco Eastwood: Read more in "Bruco Eastwood found not guilty by reason of insanity in Deer Creek Middle School shooting." Thomas Frank Ross. Read more in "Thomas Frank Ross: DA's office decides against bias-motivated crime charge in Asian food fight." Joseph Conway. Read more in "Joseph Conway's bad trip: He allegedly freaks out on LSD, gets pepper-sprayed on highway." Mark Rubinson. Read more in "Mark Rubinson, Weekend at Bernie's reenactor: Did he want to be a fantasy Ninja? (VIDEO)." Eric Barney. Read more in "Eric Barney accused of holding girlfriend hostage for two months, torturing her." Kirt Santistevan. Read more in "Rose Ann Santistevan, grandmother, sues over drug raid that gave her heart attack." Darrell Havens. Read more in "Darrell Havens: Expert challenges police version of shooting that left 19-year-old paralyzed." Kathy Johnson. Read more in "Kathy Johnson accused of inventing alleged kidnapper who told hubby, 'We won, nigga.'" Norma Sisneros. Read more in "Mom Norma Sisneros says she didn't realize daughter Tina Guerrero was robbing bank." Joshua Carrier. Read more in "Joshua Carrier: Court sighting for school officer accused of doing genital exam for stomach ache." Johnny Hockaday. Read more in "Johnny Hockaday: Vehicular homicide charge in DUI-Wax Trax crash that killed Roland Stith." Tyrea Taylor. Read more in "Carl Hughes, Tyrea Taylor go on $200,000 spending spree using counterfeit credit cards." Nancy Marks. Read more in "Nancy Marks, alleged money-bilking psychic: Did she foresee "illness" that delayed trial?" Myrl Serra. Read more in "Myrl Serra, ex-Western Slope DA, pleads guilty to unlawful sexual contact." Mark Sepulveda. Read more in "Mark Sepulveda, Juan Carlos murder suspect, confirmed killed in cell-phone store robbery." Stefanie Dickinson. Read more in "Stefanie Dickinson, ex-school board member accused of sexting teen: New sex assault bust." Amanda Joliff. Read more in "Amanda Joliff, Richard Smith charged with child abuse & more for imprisoning her son." Robert Walters. Read more in "Robert Walters sentenced to life without parole for the beating death of Brittney Brashers." Brenda Harding. Read more in "Brenda Harding sentenced to lifetime probation for sex assault on teen who committed suicide." Jennifer Gomes. Read more in "Jennifer Gomes, PE teacher, allegedly left bomb threat because she didn't want to be at school." James William Swets. Read more in "James William Swets, Swetsville Zoo resident, accused of inappropriately touching teen girls." Traci Adams. Read more in "Traci Adams accused of luring ex-boyfriend to house so new love Mark Manyik could kill him." Jeffrey Knouse. Read more in "Jeffrey Knouse convicted for attacking elderly man in vulnerable position -- at a urinal." Alexandra Wilde. Read more in "Cassandra Ghirardi & Alexandra Wilde allegedly form mother/daughter identity theft ring." Brandon Smith. Read more in "Brandon Smith gets 25 years for iPad finger-ripping theft -- and soliciting victim's murder."Click here to follow and like the Michael Roberts/Westword Facebook page.

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