Top 6 names for Gaylord hotel (and National Western Stock Show neighbor?) in Aurora

Aurora is so eager to have

Gaylord Entertainment build its giant convention center/hotel/resort

there that it's pushing for a $300 million tax subsidy for the project -- but only if Gaylord doesn't use the word "Denver" in the name of the hotel. Other options?

Here's our top five runners-up:

6. Brown-Cloud Palace

5. Mile Hyatt Suburb

4. The Aurora Tauer

3. $800 Million Home on the Range

2. The Hotel a $60 Cab Ride Away From a Good Restaurant

Or, in honor of Gaylord's most famous property, the Grand Ole Opry, as well as its interest in getting the National Western Stock Show to move next door to the hotel, here's my pick:

1. Grand Ole Horse Opry.

Add your own nominations below!

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