Top graduation gifts include... private DJ lessons?

The University of Colorado at Boulder's commencement ceremony took place on Saturday, where grads laughed in the face of swine-flu fears with a little help from Purell. But the folks at Boulder's Cloud 9 Living, which specializes in "world-class experience gifts," know that plenty of other schools will be sending matriculators off into an uncertain world in the coming days and weeks -- hence its list of suggested presents "Grandma Can Look Cool Giving." Here's their top ten:

1. Indoor Skydiving ($70)

2. Scuba Diving Lesson ($50)

3. Surfing Lessons ($100)

4. Segway Tour ($90)

5. Stock Car Ride Along ($119)

6. Scenic Glider Ride ($100)

7. Indoor Rock Climbing ($90)

8. Private DJ Lessons ($135)

9. Tandem Paragliding ($100)

10. Wine Tasting & Goblet Making ($90)

By coincidence, these items also turn up on the "How to Tell When Grandma Is Trying Too Hard To Be Hip" list. My best guess: Your grad would most appreciate cash. Of the cold, hard variety.

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