Top Model: Lauren Conrad loves Nicole Fox

On episode two of

America's Next Top Model

's thirteenth cycle,

Louisville's own Nicole Fox, who we introduced you to last Thursday

, was seldom in the spotlight, but was in no real danger of getting the heave-ho, as happened to not one but two contestants, Rachel and Courtney. She lost a head-to-head competition in which she was supposed to "smize" -- that's smiling with your eyes, people! -- but scored with a topless snapshot taken with a horse and jockey. Even though she finished fourth in the overall photo judging, guest prognosticator Lauren Conrad, of

The Hills

quasi-fame, declared the image to be her personal favorite -- and the Reality TV Calendar website agrees, declaring that "

Awkward, Edgy and Model-esque Nicole Takes the Night!

" Thank goodness she's "model-esque:" It's probably too late to get cast on

Top Chef


Bonus local mention on national TV last night: In Glee, Fox's enjoyably quirky musical deconstruction of high school life, a singing group cringingly dubbed the Accafellas kill with a performance of (yes, I'm serious) Color Me Badd's "I Wanna Sex You Up." Afterward, one member talks about looking for a bigger venue for their next gig, like "Wembley or Red Rocks." Suck it, Madison Square Garden.

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