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Top Model's Nicole Fox channels... Gollum?

Another bizarre week for Louisville's Nicole Fox, who looks bound to survive deep, deep, deep into cycle thirteen of America's Next Top Model. She wasn't at the center of the week's hyped-up drama, which involved surviving bitch Ashley and diminutive quasi-albino Erin, and she displayed sad sprint speed in a race challenge held in, of all places, a Walmart. (Yes, producers tried to make the store seem glamorous. No, they didn't succeed.) But she killed in her photo shoot, even though host Tyra Banks noted that her hands resembled Gollum's, from the Lord of the Rings movies. And in the judging session, guest evaluator China Chow said Nicole's awkward-limbed pose also reminded her of the CG creepazoid -- but in a good way! She wound up finishing in fourth place, marking her fourth top-four in the first four weeks -- which, any way you count it, is a lot of fours. Could Colorado's pride be on her way to ruling them all?
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