Top Ten Celebrity Denver Broncos Fans

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Number 5: Kate Hudson

Hudson, who grew up in Aspen, has been a Broncos fan since long before she was Almost Famous. And this week, she took time away from plugging her latest flick, Kung Fu Panda 3, to not only talk up the Broncos but also show off a temporary tattoo touting the team. If she makes it permanent, she could move even higher on this list.

Number 4: Tim Allen

Comedian (and voice of Buzz Lightyear) Tim Allen was born in Denver before relocating to Michigan. He was formerly a Detroit Lions fan before embracing his heritage and switching his loyalties to the Broncos. Good call.

Number 3: Pam Grier

Grier was born in North Carolina, but spent her formative years in Denver, where she attended East High School and Metro State — and was actually a Broncos cheerleader when she was nineteen. She's since lived in our fair state in between acting gigs, including the RZA-helmed Man With the Iron Fists. These days, she's probably best known for the Quentin Tarantino opus Jackie Brown — but our favorite is 1973's Coffy. Check it out; you'll be glad you did.

Numbers 1-2: Trey Parker and Matt Stone

Anyone who's watched South Park over the years knows about the love show creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have for the predominantly orange crew. And when we interviewed Parker and Stone in 2012 prior to The Book of Mormon's Colorado debut, Parker rocked a Broncos T. When it comes to these two, it's Elway or the highway.

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