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Number 10: Agony echoes "I gave up everything to be with him. I put my life on hold for him and 3 years later with a son from him he leaves me for my sister-n-law, my brother's wife. I mean all this time wasted and nothing to show for it but a beautiful lil boy. I just packed us up and we're getting on the bus from Colorado to LA, my home, and want nothing to do with them again. I mean i was a good wife. I cooked, I cleaned. He had a dinner every evening waiting for him after work. I quit a PR firm, for what? To get divorced 3 years later for that bitch, a so-called friend. I'm sure there's a good man out there for me. Dammit....I just want to scream at the top of the mountain!" Number 9: Crime must wait "My car was broken into recently, so what do I do? I call the Colorado Springs Police Dept. The lady told me that a cop doesn't normally come out for this. Isn't $1,600 worth of stuff being stolen considered a felony in most states? After waiting for 3 hours, I was told that the car was contaminated and that they couldn't take any fingerprints. It is a shame that the people we pay to protect us can't peel their asses off of their seats to actually make an honest dollar. That's okay. I guess that I will have to take the law into my own hands, track my stuff down and God help the coward that took my stuff. I will make him suffer and the police won't even know what happened." Page to continue reading the top ten Colorado posts on Raw Confessions.
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