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Number 8: I swear it's tobacco! "Denver drivers are by far the worst in the world. I have lived here for 10 years and they still piss me off on a regular basis. Put the pipe down and drive your fucking car!" Number 7: Waiting room "I am a 75-year-old woman whose knees don't work well -- consequently need to use a wheelchair at airports. This week I flew to Baltimore with a layover in Denver. The wheelchair 'pusher' (my daughter was not permitted to push, as she is in over airports) gave me a choice of being left in either the food court or a 'special room.' I could not keep the wheelchair. The first time I selected 'the room' -- the 'warden' in charge would not call for a wheelchair when I requested it, as it was too early to go to the gate in her opinion. I was required to stay in 'the room' for another 10 minutes. On the flight home, I opted for the food court -- after sitting in a very crowded McDonald's over two hours, my daughter went in search of a wheelchair and pusher to get me out of McDonald's and to the gate area, where I was again just deposited on a chair. At close to boarding time, we had the gate agent call for a wheelchair and pusher. It required two calls, and as a result I missed the 'preboarding,' so delayed a multitude of people as I was pushed down the ramp and then hobbled with my cane down the aisle. People were very nice, but I was totally embarrassed by delaying them. Don't have a layover in the Denver airport if you need to use a wheelchair. You are kept captive either in 'the room' or the food court -- and if you don't have someone traveling with you, you are really in trouble!!!!!!" Page to continue reading the top ten Colorado posts on Raw Confessions.
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