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Number 4: What a waste "I live in a very small town in the middle of nowhere. The town is run by a bunch of old people who don't give a * about anything that causes them trouble. The sewage lagoon for our town is dry, nothing but weeds. The people in charge say that it's a good thing that the water is just sinking into the ground! We are only 2 miles at most from the Arkansas River. Anyone looking for a source of E. coli, look here. This town is run like the Mafia. I dare someone to publish their investigation. The Colorado Department of Corrections will have their say, come Hell or High Water." Number 3: Mother knows best "1997 April 12 I was beaten by Westminster PD, hog-tied by Westminster Fire Department and jailed by my mom. Just before my 19th birthday in solitary confinement [because another inmate attacked me, because I beat him in chess, therefore losing his juice]. I found out my charges...felony menacing 2nd degree (carries 10 yrs), criminal mischief and this BS 'resisting arrest.' Now, out of pure confusion and fear, not fully comprehensive of why I was arrested and why I was in jail and how come mom hasn't seen talked or even contacted me, I see her just after my birthday, and in the preliminary hearing, stands up in front of a courtroom full of people exclaiming she fears for her life and the lives of her other children, 'which by the way are my brothers and sister,' demands the judge lock me up and recycle the key. I'm shocked and weakness trembles into my knees. My heart shatters into mushy little pieces of love. The judge looks at me angrily, claiming me to be a meance to society and orders no bail and I'm to remain in jail untill my trial. That's right, trial, because whatever I'm being charged with, i DIDN'T DO IT, especially to my mom...." Page to continue reading the top ten Colorado posts on Raw Confessions.
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