Top Ten Denver Craigslist Missed Connections on Valentine's Day 2015

Plenty of love connections were made in Denver this Valentine's Day. But lots of others didn't happen, to this dismay of at least one half of the potential pairing. That's clear from the Missed Connections page on Denver Craigslist, which began filling with posts about what might have been on February 15.

Again this year, we've ranked our ten favorites, complete with links to the original items. Included are a romance that could happen between two people in a DUI class and a hilarious item from someone who actually hooked up — and wishes she hadn't. Check them out here.
Number 10: Your Valentines day ended horribly — m4w — 27 (same apt complex)

I hope you're okay! To think if I would have only listened to that voice in the back of my head. I somehow knew you didn't have the money to pay for that cab. I knew I needed to reach out to you and ask if everything was okay. But I didn't because even though we've seen each other a bunch of times we've never so much as said hello. You're so beautiful and you have or maybe had a boyfriend so I never wanted to be disrespectful.

I'm sorry I didn't follow that voice in the back of my head. When I seen what ended up happening to you it broke my heart. I wanted to save you. I could have saved you and feel like it's my fault. I'm so sorry!!

That same voice has always told me to approach you. That your just as attracted to me as I am you. To take a chance. Well I promise you I'm going to make it up to you. I hope you are okay and promise to never not trust my intuition again.

Maybe love is just a few doors down!!

Number 9: Irish rover — m4w

Met you at the Irish rover last night. No way will you ever see this, but worth a try.

You and your friend danced with me and a friend of mine. You don't like guys with cats and you were super cute. Wish we met under different circumstances because....daaaaamn!

If you see this, hit me up. I know your name, do you remember mine?

Number 8: Black dude with the red shirt — m4m (Tracks)

Feels like a long shot.

We chatted briefly last night.

It was the second time we ran into each other at Tracks.

I think you're really cute.

My name begins with a T.

Hit me up...


Number 7: You Sang At The Grizzly Rose Last Night — w4m (Denver)

I know this is a complete shot in the dark.

You sang at The Grizzly Rose last night. You were wearing a black hat.

You melted me. I could have listened to you all night but had a family get-together to go to. I don't know if you are in that band or just sang a few songs.

If by some chance you read this please tell me what color your shirt was.

Number 6: Hey you — w4m

I thought about you a lot yesterday.
I hope you had a nice Valentines Day.

Wanted to share an observation I made on
here. I've been noticing a poster whose posts
sound similar to yours, or what I imagine
yours sound like. It's hard to tell when it comes
to this place.

This poster uses words like slut and c*nt.
All those charming little terms men like
that use to describe women. I'm hoping it
isn't you, but if it is, I suppose I am flattered that
you think I have the stamina, and magnetism,
for such a rambunctious love life.

Anyways, I might owe you an apology or two.
I have written you some less than positive posts
based on some of these. Unfortunately this
realization doesn't change our situation, but
wanted to say "sorry" just in case.

I've never meant to intentionally hurt you.
This whole journey has been riddled with emotional
landmines that I never in my life expected to, and
wasn't equipped to, navigate.

You made me feel beautiful and special for one
amazing moment in time. I feel privileged that God
allowed our paths to cross in life. Spending time
with you brought out emotions in me that I never
knew existed. You truly are a gift in my life.

If you are reading this, I know it doesn't help but...
I will always love you!

*To all the sweet men who have replied to my post, I
am sorry for the confusion. My last name starts with an R.

Number 5: hotel elevator - m4w (quality inn)

To the beautiful lady in the elevator at the quality inn. We made eye contact a few times in the parking lot then we both got drinks and continued to the elevator where I asked which floor u were going.

I couldn't help myself but stare as you walked out I found myself wanting to say something but by the time it came out it was too late.

Hoping we can connect on here message me telling me what floor you were going to and what you had on so I know its you . hope to talk to you soon. ;)

Number 4: We had a fantastic dance... — w4m (Baker St)

I wanted to say a lot of things...

You are great on the dance floor.

You smelled amazing!

I didn't realize you were married and I'm sorry for putting you in an awkward position.

Hope you had as much of a good time as I did!

Number 3: Starbucks — Saturday 02/14 - hearing aids — m4m (16th street mall)

Saturday morning at Starbucks at 16th and Blake. You mentioned to me that you have a cochlear implant and we talked briefly about being hearing impaired. Let's talk more.

Do you remember my name and the color of my hearing aids?

Number 2: JEFF FROM DUI CLASS (denver)

You're such a cutie! I want to make out with you. Let's play today. If you think you're him, give me your number and which DUI class we share, and which night. I'll rock your world!

Number 1: The Longest Walk of Shame — w4m

Oy! The pity phuck and its inevitable back fire. Just the thought of your old creepy fingers blasting away at my lady parts makes me want to puke. I'm glad your penis didn't work. It's the only thing I enjoyed about our time together.

I must have been outta my mind. Sure I was drunk, stoned and lonely. But you are way too old and way out of your league. Certainly you're one lucky son of a bitch.


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